So has been the home of my developer evangelist stories and since then quite a lot has happened. For the past 8 years Microsoft has been my employer. And it is safe to say that this was more then just my day to day work life. Quite a lot of good friendships and relations came out of this. Now that I quit my job I want to spend more time on this blog and the amazing community again.

The Story so far

When I was working in evangelism, which was the best years in my career so far, we where fast moving and trying out new stuff, talking about our experiences and doing Hackathons working with the latest technologies and more often than not gave feedback to our internal engineering about products and the adoption in the market. It was an awesome job! Not necessary to say I was spending more time in Visual Studio and traveling around the world to spread the word about the developer ecosystem. And I want to thank Sebastian Weber and Tom Wendel for giving me the opportunity to work together with all these smart people at Microsoft.

The Partners and Communities

Developing solutions with Independent Software Vendors across the globe was hell of fun and a good challenge. I was talking to over 200 software manufactures across different industries. I learned so much from these engagements and I am really happy I had that chance to get to know so many great software engineers and helping them solving problems was always fun. The communities around Microsoft whether it is the partner ecosystem, student partners, usergroups or meetups where open, engaging, cool, nerdy and just A W E S O M E !!!

The way ahead

Tomorrow I start at Scanblue taking action in the engineering department. I am looking forward to the challenge of entering the still early market of Mixed Reality and taking more responsibilities. Scanblue is part of this growing ecosystem and therefor part of shaping the future of computing. I believe that we are a strategic partner in the digital transformation of products and real world objects towards an immersive Mixed Reality experience.  

Saying Goodbye

However it was not a decision made easy - Well, I guess it is about the fact that I am passionate about Microsoft the brand and the friendships I made over the past years. I am extremely thankful for everything but mostly for the fact that the 8 years never felt like work to me. Who knows what happens in the future? For now I can just say I am leaving a great company with a great culture and start a new voyage.

bye bye Microsoft - Thanks a lot for everything - Patric